Olde Town Street Closure & Updates

Olde Town Street Closures

Early during the pandemic, the Olde Town Arvada Business Improvement District (BID) worked with the City of Arvada to temporarily close streets to traffic and open them to pedestrians as part of an effort to support the local business community. The closures expanded patio dining and retail space to allow businesses the opportunity to safely serve more patrons and transformed how people experienced Olde Town. With a largely positive response from the community and businesses, we are now in the midst of moving the temporary street closures to a semi-permanent model with the goal of enhancing this newly imagined space.

Olde Town Street Murals

The Olde Town Arvada Business Improvement District is seeking proposals for public art mural projects to be painted on the streets of Olde Town Arvada. Artists are invited to submit a proposal for this opportunity to create a large-scale mural which can enhance the vibrancy of Olde Town.

Community Outreach

On March 17, the City held a virtual meeting to gather public feedback on potential design features. You can view the Olde Town Street Closure Meeting here. This recording will give you the opportunity to see the proposed layout and learn more about the project.  Questions and/or comments are welcome. Please contact, Advance@Arvada.org.

Additionally, the BID issued a survey in September of 2020, as well as in April of 2021 to glean additional community sentiment regarding the continuation of the street closures. Below are the results of our April survey, which were very similar to the previous survey. If you have additional questions regarding our surveys, please contact director@oldetownarvada.org.

Survey results
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Current Street Closures